What changes will the second update on November 25 bring to Battlefield 2024?

DICE said that “the studio plans to maintain and develop Battlefield 2024 for many years.” The developers will definitely solve the problems that showed up in the game. Tomorrow we will have a major update with the following innovations:

  • control over the weapon when aiming will improve (both in a static position and when moving)
  • the accuracy of shooting will increase when firing in short bursts and single shots
  • the vertical recoil of PP-29 will increase
  • it will be possible to revive allies who are near walls or objects

Significant changes will be made to the behavior of the hovercraft (balance, optimization, etc.), and the power of the guns of the Nightbird will also be adjusted.

Update # 3 is also being prepared for release, which will appear in early December.

Source: Gamespot

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