New locations, enemies, battles, gear and more in the upcoming Encased RPG update


Dark Crystal Games Developers Shared Some Details About Upcoming RPG Update Encased… So far, nothing concrete, except for the very fact of new content in the near future. Read the full developer blog below:

December update

Employees, winter has come. Preparations for the winter holidays and the long-awaited holidays will begin very soon. And so you don’t get bored with them, we will release another Encased update this year!

We’ll tell you more a little later, but you can expect new locations, enemies, battles, equipment and much more. We really hope you enjoy 🙂

Gamepad support

In recent months, we have been actively involved in supporting gamepads on PC and we hasten to please that in December your wait will end.

We have completely adapted the interface, hotkeys for each panel, and will also try to add a special mode with an increase in the font and text contrast.

By the way, if you played on a gamepad in Early Access, you should like that now the character will go around minor obstacles on his own. You will no longer cling to small objects in your path.

Steam Awards

Employees, the annual Steam Awards have started voting for the best games in ten categories. If Encased gave you some wonderful evenings under the Dome – please vote for us in any of the categories. We will be very thankful.

Encased is available exclusively on PC.

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