Far Cry 6 walkthrough showed in a new video

A new action video has appeared on the network Far cry 6created by the company Ubisoft, which showed the passage of the new game.

Ubisoft has lifted the embargo on the publication of a preview of the game Far Cry 6. As reported by Gamebomb.ru, after that, many new action videos have appeared on the network. One of them turned out to be a 30-minute video, which showed a short excerpt with the passage of the game. It is noted that the new footage was recorded from the PC version of Far Cry 6. According to the author of the video, he managed to play 7 hours of the preliminary version of the action. From his walkthrough, he picked the first few missions he encountered in Far Cry 6 and showed them to the rest of the gamers.

For half an hour, the players were presented with the passage of various missions. It is noted that the provided footage does not reflect the quality of the final product, however, it is unlikely that Far Cry 6 will change much on release, given that a little more than a month is left before the release of the game. It is worth noting that players were ambivalent about what was shown in the preview of Far Cry 6. Netizens noted that the game looks secondary, while others admitted that they hoped for a more vibrant tropical image of Yara.

As Gamebomb.ru notes, the Far Cry 6 action game will be released on October 7, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X.

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