After Avengers Endgame, another Moon Knight instead of Keanu Reeves was shown on video

In the first trailer for “Moon Knight”, after the events, “Avengers Endgame” was shown as part of the Day Disney+ and introduced a replacement for Keanu Reeves as the new superhero Marvel

Disney and Marvel Studios have unveiled a trailer for the new series Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac, replacing Keanu Reeves, who was previously cast. In the new video, you can see the comic book character Mark Spector known as the Moon Knight and the super suit for his title character. The first trailer for The Moon Knight, which takes place after the events of Avengers Endgame, still holds many secrets, but it became the main trailer for Disney + fans’ Day. The Moon Knight costume was only briefly shown, but it is clear that a huge amount of work went into its intricate design. The new teaser showed viewers that Oscar Isaac’s character cannot understand what is real and what is fantasy. In the trailer, a voice is heard saying, “I can’t tell reality from dream.” The voice doesn’t sound like the actor’s, which allows fans to speculate that this may be one of his split personalities. Mark Spector’s character looks worried and haggard throughout the trailer. When viewers finally see him in the form of the Moon Knight, it happens from the back, in a completely shattered room. Fans noted that the popular actor Keanu Reeves, who never appears on the series, would have looked much more effective as the new Moon Knight.

For fans familiar with the Moon Knight comics, one of the main character elements of the hero is the fight against dissociative personality disorder. As shown in the debut trailer for The Moon Knight, which takes place after the Avengers Endgame, Oscar Isaac stands with his fists clenched, and beaten people lie around him. It seems that he just woke up – probably after the fight, he switched personalities with his alter ego. The first Moon Knight trailer also hints at a still unknown character played by actor Ethan Hawke on the show.

Development of the Moon Knight project began in mid-2019, and the cast is still kept secret. So far, only Oscar Isaac, Mae Kalamavi and Ethan Hawke have been confirmed, and unfortunately Keanu Reeves fans have not made it into the new Marvel series. Ethan Hawke is rumored to play the role of the main antagonist of the Moon Knight series, which will be released in 2023.

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