For drawing an Angel or Demon, they offer to receive 150 thousand rubles

It became known that everyone was given the opportunity to participate in the drawing competition and win 150 thousand rubles for drawing an Angel or Demon.

Green Gray and have launched a joint competition called “All the Secrets of Heaven”, the prize fund of which is 777 thousand rubles. According to, everyone is invited to take part in a new art competition and create their own character. Contestants need to design and draw a 2D drawing of a humanoid hero of the race of Angels or Demons. It is noted that the various “chips” of the invented heroes, as well as the details of their images and characteristic features will only be welcomed.

The new All Secrets of Heaven competition runs from 13 September to 13 November inclusive. The organizers of the competition promise that all the works will be considered and the best invented heroes will be chosen from them. Two winners who painted the best Angel and Demon will receive 150 thousand rubles each, two second places will win 120 thousand rubles each, and two bronze winners will receive 80 thousand rubles each. In addition, 10 more people will receive 7,700 rubles each as an incentive prize. It is also reported that up to 150 people will receive job offers for a large international company that creates and promotes mobile games.

As noted by, the organizers note that the entry must meet certain requirements. For example, you should not get carried away with a photobache, and it is also recommended to rely on realism in choosing a style. Those characters who will be depicted as detailed as possible – they can see all the elements of armor or clothing – are only welcome. In addition, you should always indicate in the title whether an Angel or a Demon is drawn, because often the images are very similar.

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