“The Matrix 4” trailer with Keanu Reeves as Neo

“The Matrix 4 Resurrection” by Keanu Reeves

The first full trailer for The Matrix 4 has finally been published by Warner Bros. and featured Keanu Reeves as Neo returning to The Matrix.

The premiere of the first official trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has taken place, Gamebomb.ru reports. The video begins with a scene with Keanu Reeves. His character Thomas Anderson (Neo) visits a psychologist, played by Neil Patrick Harris. The main character of the action movie “The Matrix 4” does not remember anything about the real world, the war with robots and the fact that he is the Chosen One. However, he constantly dreams of the events of the previous three films. In the following frames, he meets Trinity, who also does not remember anything, including Neo himself. Soon, the hero meets new characters who again reveal to him the truth about the real world.

In the trailer for The Matrix 4: Resurrection, viewers are not told the main plot details, Gamebomb.ru reports. Fans of the franchise have not yet been able to understand how Neo became an ordinary person again inside the Matrix. Most of the footage from the Matrix 4 trailer showcases various action scenes with Neo and Trinity, as well as new characters. Here and running on the walls, and shootouts with Agents, and fights using martial arts. In Matrix 4, Neo remembers his powers and again stops the bullets with his mind, and also changes the trajectory of the missile to detonate an enemy helicopter. Some short excerpts show the real world destroyed.

The action movie “The Matrix 4: Resurrection” will be released on December 16, 2023. The long-awaited fourth part was shot by Lana Wachowski herself, without the participation of her sister, with whom the original trilogy was created.

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