“Worse than the original, but definitely better than the sequels”: the first reviews of “The Matrix: Resurrection” appeared


Foreign media drew attention to the publication on social networks of the first reviews of the new “Matrix” with Keanu Reeves. The film “The Matrix: Resurrection” was watched by a narrow circle of viewers as part of closed test screenings. Judging by the reaction, the film turned out to be more than worthy and in some places even better than the last two films of the original trilogy.

Most reviews agree that “The Matrix: Resurrection” is still worse than the very first film, but the picture noticeably outperforms subsequent sequels. The audience really liked the “unexpected” plot development and the interesting return of the cult heroes, which organically fit into the familiar structure of the narrative. According to them, in the new film it will be possible to see a large number of already familiar scenes, the appearance of which will be logically justified. Among other advantages, they also praise the staging of battle scenes, which are practically not inferior to the first “Matrix”.

Along with the reviews, the first spoilers for the film appeared on the network. On the network you can already find a detailed description of the plot of the new part and a detailed retelling of important plot twists.

Beware, important spoilers for The Matrix Resurrection:


  • The new film begins the same way as the first “Matrix”
  • According to the plot of the film, Neo and Trinity try to understand who they are
  • One of the characters will directly comment on a large number of repeatable scenes from the first film.
  • In the film, you can see a fight in the hallway, a battle in a dojo between Neo and Morpheus, a battle in the subway between Neo and Agent Smith, a scene with a helicopter that fires at Neo and Trinity.
  • New Morpheus is a unique program written by the main character
  • The rebel city of Zion was destroyed due to internal strife among the people
  • People founded a new city – Io, where cars and people live peacefully

The Matrix Resurrection will premiere in theaters on December 16, and will be available at HBO Max Online on December 22, 2023.

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