The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 12 GB model will receive 2,176 CUDA cores, and the heat dissipation will be 184 watts


As it turned out, “Updated” model RTX 2060soon to be released will have over 1920 CUDA cores. The map is now known as RTX 2060 12GB is expected to use 2,176 CUDA cores , which is identical as in RTX 2060 SUPER… Interestingly, the new SKU should have a higher TDP default – 184 W (compared to 175W SUPER), which makes this new upgrade even weirder. On paper, the map is expected to be roughly the same as 2060 SUPER, excluding memory bandwidth: option 2060 SUPER It has 256-bit busand the 12GB SKU is 192-bit.

We were quite surprised by this rumor, but since then we have confirmed this information with three sources. They all received the same characteristics: 2176 CUDA cores, 12 GB memory GDDR6 14Gbps, 192-bit bus and 184W TDP… Regarding the acceleration clock, two sources state that the default is an increase of 1650 MHz, and options with factory overclocking go to 1690 MHz.

NVIDIA RTX 2060 12GB will be launched on December 7th as a cheaper alternative RTX 3060 12GB (hopefully with more availability). It is worth noting that at startup RTX 3060 12GB was about eight% faster than RTX 2060 SUPER… The GeForce RTX 2060 12GB, given that it has nearly identical specs, might perform about the same. However, the Turing model lacks PCIe Gen4 features and ResizableBAR support. The map will also have lower ray tracing performance.

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