New World will host a winter festival – it kicks off at PTS tonight, and a Winter Rapprochement awaits the residents of Eternum with a variety of rewards

Amazon will re-launch the public test servers of MMORPG New World today at 9:00 p.m. Moscow time: soon players will be able to have fun and celebrate the New Year by taking part in the thematic festival.

Along with the snowfall and the northern lights, the Yeti, the Winter Wanderer, will come to Eternum, marking the beginning of the Winter Convergence. Players will experience repeatable quests throughout the island with rewards in the form of Winter Tokens, which can be exchanged in the store for rare and cosmetic items: armor, weapons, furniture, skins, consumables, and themed emote.

The Yeti will issue quests in four villages located in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood. The inhabitants of Eternum will be able to improve the Trees of Light as part of urban projects, collect lost gifts, participate in a new event at night, collecting fragments of meteorites falling in random locations, and challenge the dangers of ice caves scattered around the world.

Also, new side quests in Restless Shore and Mourningdale and quests related to home ownership will be added to the game – after completing the “Encroaching Corruption” mission of the main storyline, you can start the chain from the architect Giacomo Altoviti near the starting settlement.

High Water Mark was renamed Expertise with the addition of a new resource – gypsum (Gypsum), obtained in different types of activities (PvP and PvE). The team added rewards in the form of resources for pumping professions and made adjustments in PvP to reduce damage from equipment.

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