The server crash that killed many hardcore characters was arranged by the developers of World of Warcraft Classic, when urgent fixes only hurt

At the end of last fall, Blizzard opened new progressive realms for the MMORPG World of Warcraft Classic, announcing the start of the so-called season of mastery. And one of the entertainment was pumping characters to the maximum level without a single death.

However, as often happens, at one not very beautiful moment, an already difficult test turned into a real nightmare for many, since due to a sudden drop in servers, a considerable number of Azeroth’s heroes simply fell, remaining in the vastness of a dangerous fantasy world without the supervision of players.

In addition to all it turned outthat the failures that occurred were provoked by the developers themselves, who decided to release almost eleven thousand urgent fixes for the language filter overnight, which affected the stable operation of the equipment.

Of course, in the end, all this may turn out to be an ordinary coincidence, but the problems for users began precisely after the ill-fated update.

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