Teaser for the latest DLC for Ghostrunner. The add-on will be announced on November 30

Back in the spring, the authors Ghostrunner posted a plan to support the game. Most of the new products from there have already made it to the release, but something is not yet ready – we are talking about the mysterious “last DLC”. Recently, a teaser for the expansion was released and the collection of applications for participation in the beta test started.

The full addition will be presented on November 30, the teaser is sparse in details – it shows a set of mysterious images, and a female voice-over broadcasts: “Are you sleeping now. In a dream, a child comes up to you and asks for directions. While the child is talking, you notice a snake in the grass that is about to bite him. What do you say? “

To express your desire to participate in the “beta”, you need to join the server Ghostrunner on Discord and the Reddit section, and then fill out the form. Not everyone will receive invitations, and besides, testers will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting the publication of information about the “beta”. Tests will begin in December.

Recall that earlier in Ghostrunner have already added new gameplay features – in particular, time races, a mode with waves of enemies and difficulty settings for the main campaign. It is still difficult to judge the scale of the upcoming expansion – perhaps we will have another simple mode, and possibly a full-fledged story DLC.

Initially, the latest addition was supposed to see the light of day in the fall, but, most likely, it will appear only at the beginning of 2023 – between testing and the release of the update with the above-mentioned horde mode, about three months passed.

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