The best MMORPGs of 2023 for iOS and Android: Lineage 2M, Albion Online, Seven Knights II

Hello mobile game lovers! With you AppTime Media and we have another selection of top projects for the outgoing year. This time we’ll take a look at five contenders from the Best MMORPG 2023 nomination. If you don’t like some game, feel free to suggest your list in the comments. And if everything is in order, then vote for your favorite projects on a special page. And we drove to see the first applicant!

Albion Online

First, let’s take a look at the Albion Online mobile port. The game offers a classless system, so everything depends on the equipment we carry. Gamers can buy a house in a city or an entire island, trade with others, or loot caravans. The economy is controlled purely by the players, because the materials and place for crafting, the number of items created and the time spent depend only on them. PvP skirmishes take place both alone and as part of huge armies. And if you join a guild, you will be able to fight for territories and control them.

Well, the cherry on the cake – cross-platform support, plus constant updates in which biomes, graphics are improved, and new content is added. Albion Online also rides on the sandbox format, so be sure to check out the project.

Warhammer: odyssey

Now let’s talk about the mobile Warhammer, which in terms of graphics and gameplay is closer to such mastodons as World of Warcraft. Of course, the lack of auto-combat and meticulous pumping of each talent will return players to the good old days. And the grind is so cruel to the player that the faster he tries to level up, the more he will hate Odyssey. Unlike Albion, the Odyssey has six classes with subclassing after reaching level 10. There is also an auction, where you can stock up on flasks, armor or sell something of your own. Most of the time, players swing on quests, and the mobs are so tough that they often have to run back and heal. And if there are many of the same adventurers at the location, then it is better to immediately join the squad, otherwise you will have to fight for the place where the mobs are spawned. And yes, monsters are very aggressive, because of this you will often die and repair your armor. In general, I recommend to hardcore fans.

Blade & Soul Revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution is the first MMORPG of this year to impress with its quality. In it, the plot is presented not only through quests, but also through video inserts. And they are made soundly, you worry more about unknown characters than about your relationship. The battles are cool – you make a combo of skills, dodge attacks and quickly press the necessary button with other players to stir up a combo against the world boss. There is always something to do in Revolution – PvP battles in Arenas in several formats, passing an endless tower, farming dungeons in solo or in a group, and so on. The most interesting thing is the division into two factions that fight in special locations for territories and resources on them. In this mode, do not expect mercy from the pumped heroes. So if you love Asian MMOs, make this your first stop.

Lineage 2M

At the end of the year, Lineage 2M was released on smartphones, which amazes with an introductory video. According to the plot, you are the chosen one who rises from rags to riches. To do this, you need to go through the main plot, plus perform secondary tasks. Closer to level 30, you can gather in a party and go to world bosses, and then to dungeons and raids. I am glad that life is in full swing in the locations and in the chat, so it is quite easy to find partners. But it is not necessary to join a group, because killing a mob is counted for everyone who attacks it. The game also encourages joining a guild, for which a meeting place is opened, different ratings for identifying active players and battles for territories in PvP mode.

Seven knights ii

And finally, I left Seven Knights II, which from the doorway surprises with the graphics and setting of the Assassin’s Creed level. The plot develops smoothly, at this time we are introduced to the heroes from the squad we control, and also acquaint us with the villains who attacked the city. Unlike Genshin, the whole detachment participates in the battle, we just control one hero, and the rest are controlled by artificial intelligence. The roster of fighters is huge, they differ in their role in the team and the level of rarity. Although the combat system is easy, plus it can be set to auto-mode, in battles with bosses you will have to take control. If we talk about content, then in addition to quests at high levels, it will be possible to go to dungeons for four people. But as for the open world, the developers were cheating a little – yes, the maps are huge, but they are connected by a loading screen. Either way, Seven Knights II is the prettiest MMORPG of the year.

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