Russian “killer” TikTok will launch this year

Egor Creed and Valya Carnival Egor Creed and Valya Carnival

The release date of the Russian “killer” and an analogue of the popular TikTok service, in which users can upload short videos, has become known.

The head of Gazprom-Media Alexander Zharov spoke about the Russian analogue of the popular service. According to, according to him, Russia will have its own video platform in the style of TikTok. Alexander Zharov noted that the release of the “platform with short videos and vertical content format” is scheduled for the fall of 2023 or the beginning of winter. It is noted that the release of the Russian “killer” TikTok should take place in November or December this year.

Alexander Zharov added that short videos in vertical format are one of the main trends today. It is also noted that the majority of smartphone users – 87 percent – view content in a vertical form. Therefore, in Russia they decided to make their own analogue of the TikTok service, which should be expected at the end of this year. According to Alexander Zharov, users will be interested in what the specialists are working on now.

As noted by, the TikTok service has become one of the most popular and fastest growing in terms of the number of application users. It allows you to download and watch various short videos.

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