Jason Momoa as Eric Draven in footage from the alleged Crow remake


Several new photos have surfaced online from an excellent, new adaptation of the cult classic “The Raven,” which Sony Pictures has been trying to shoot for years. In the photos provided (and in a short video), you will see how Jason Momoa (Aquaman) looked like Eric Draven in rehearsal footage.

The actor’s name was associated with the project back in 2018. At that time, Colin Hardy was in charge of directing. The problematic copyright status that Sony Pictures obtained from Davis Films is believed to be the reason for the cancellation of the new interpretation of “The Crow”. According to reports, the agreement was not formalized properly, and the studio was forced to curtail work on the project.

The Raven was originally scheduled to premiere in October 2019. The picture was supposed to be based on the original comic, not the 1994 film. The script for the film was written by comics artist James O’Barr, who created the original Raven comic.

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