Hero Royale – Like Rush Royale, Only Better

Hero Royale is now available on two mobile platforms. In it, we defend our castle and at the same time compete with the enemy.

Hero Royale – tower defense for smartphones. Some players notice that she takes inspiration from Rush Royale, only with more variation in tactics. In fact, we are collecting special currency, which is spent on displaying new catapults and heroes. But space is limited, so at some point you will have to combine units to get improved fighters.

As with Supercell projects, Hero Royale is immediately fighting for the rating, plus players will unlock rewards in the Battle Pass. Among the modes, PvP is still available, but in the future we are promised a co-op. The gameplay is isometric, our task is to collect a deck of six cards that still need to be pumped before the battle.

Based on developer comments on Google Play, Hero Royale is in Early Access. This means that the game may not be available in some countries. Despite this, the developers added a donation with a maximum price tag to 8 990 rubles

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