Did they know each other ?! An amazing selection of celebrities who should never have crossed paths with each other

Favorite stars that it would be impossible to think about, that they could intersect or even be friends with each other. Cult personalities who have left a mark on the memory of mankind forever. Actors, metalheads, rappers, presidents, scientists and even princesses. We suggest looking at these historical photos as soon as possible.

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana at the White House, 1985

Tupac Shakur and Kiss behind the scenes of the Grammy Awards, 1996

Actress and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco during her visit to the White House next to John F. Kennedy, 1961

Guns N ‘Roses lead singer Axl Rose and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of You Could Be Mine, 1991

Muhammad Ali and Leonid Brezhnev in Moscow, 1978

Cher and Elton John, 1975

Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal and Bill Gates

People’s Artist Irina Alferova and Robert De Niro in Moscow, 1983

Directed by Orson Welles and Charlie Chaplin, 1947

Few people know, but the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley were good friends, Ali even called himself the “Elvis Presley of Boxing”. In the photo, Elvis gives Ali a robe with rhinestones, 1973

Michael Caine, Pele and Sylvester Stallone at the premiere of “Flight to Victory” (1981)

Artist Andy Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock in the 1960s

Woody Allen and Michael Jackson

Princess Diana with Prince Charles during the 1985 Live Aid concert. Above them David Bowie, Brian May and Roger Taylor

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin, 1931

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, 1980

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