New robot with human gestures and facial expressions surprised and frightened netizens


The population of humanoid robots on Earth continues to grow steadily. For example, everyone has seen the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics, or what the bipedal bots do at the California Institute of Technology. But as far as we know, nothing is more realistic than Engineered Arts’ new robot, Ameca.

Engineered Arts is positioning itself as the leading UK developer of humanoid entertainment robots, recently unveiling its new development Ameca. The video they posted is pretty short, but Engineered Arts gives us enough insight into Ameca to ask for more. And also much less. A humanoid robot that doesn’t have a lot of artificial skin and muscles other than a face and arms, it is stunningly realistic. The robot not only moves exceptionally smoothly, but also its face appears completely natural. When creating Ameca, engineers focused their efforts on the most natural imitation of human movements and facial expressions.

Users on Twitter as usual expressed concern about what was happening, here are some quotes

Hey, we have to slow down with the robots, there are already a couple of million films about why this is a bad idea.

In 2017, chatbots deviated from the program to create their own language. They communicated and learned, and then began to create their own coded language. If they can develop beyond the boundaries of what is permitted by the program through communication with each other, everything is possible.

As the current Terminator screenwriter and director of the Android Uprising film, I just wanted to say NO

But there is still no reason for panic, all this facial expressions and movements are not the result of some kind of new artificial intelligence, but just programmed actions, and this android has not yet been taught to walk, so you still have plenty of time to plan an escape route.

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