Leonardo DiCaprio became the head of the sect in the next film

Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio

It became known that the famous Hollywood actor and winner of the “Oscar” Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) will be reincarnated as the leader of the infamous “Temple of the Nations” sect in his new film.

Information appeared on the network that the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film company is in the final stages of signing a contract with the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He will become the producer of a new film, in which he himself will play the main role. The tape will be dedicated to the American preacher Jim Jones, who founded the “Temple of the Nations” sect in 1955. Twenty years later, he and his followers formed the Johnstown community. The settlement was inhabited by about a thousand sectarians. After an armed conflict with members of a religious organization, Jim Johnson persuaded the entire sect to drink poison, and he allegedly shot himself. Such a terrible incident caused many questions from the residents of the United States, so many conspiracy theories have arisen around the tragedy, including a brutal CIA operation.

In the new film, Leonardo DiCaprio will play the infamous leader of the Temple of the Nations sect, Jim Johnson. There is no information yet about what other actors will take part in the filming. In addition, MGM has yet to select a director for the upcoming film. The film will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio himself, together with Jennifer Davisson, who has more than 40 Hollywood projects in various genres. Written by Scott Rosenberg, who previously worked on Venom, Jumanji: The Next Level and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

It is not yet known when the shooting of the film about the “Temple of the Nations” and Jim Johnson, performed by Leonardo DiCaprio, will begin. There is also no release date, nor even the year of the release of the tape in theaters.

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