More weapons will be added to Halo Infinite multiplayer over time

Creative leader 343 Industries Joseph Staten (Joseph Staten) Confirmed The Studio Will Expand Multiplayer Weapons In The Future Halo infinite… The specialist spoke about this during a blitz interview with Game Informer.

When it comes to replenishing the arsenal Halo Infinite, Staten replied that so far the players have not seen all the supplements, and in multiplayer they will bring more guns. Moreover, in subsequent remarks Staten information flashed that a secret weapon could be added to the game, as was the case with the Scarab gun in Halo 2… Since the nature of the interview implies quick answers to questions, the leader did not go into details.

343 Industries intends to implement in Halo Infinite fresh content every season. This means that the additives will probably not be in the game until the beginning of the second season – in May 2023.

Multiplayer Halo Infinite launched earlier than originally planned – everyone can already join the “beta”. Full release of a new Halo will take place on December 8 at 21:00 Moscow time on Xbox and PC, including for Game Pass subscribers.

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