MOBA Clash of Titans is preparing to launch on iOS and Android

Clash of Titans will be released on smartphones in December. Now you can pre-register.

Clash of Titans is a mobile MOBA run by an Indian studio. The developers say that we can become titans in classic 5v5 battles. We’re promised smooth two-finger controls and real-time contractions. Also, players will be able to fight side by side with friends.

Clash of Titans’ classes include Tanks, Mages, Supports, Hunters, and Assassins. In addition, free skins will be added to the game. As for the release date, TapTap says the game will be out in December; there is no exact date. On this site you can pre-register for iOS and Android. Some players believe that this is a clone of Arena of Valor. There is also the possibility that the initial launch will be strictly in India.

Judging by the screenshots, voice chat will be added to Clash of Titans. On cooldown it will be possible to teleport to the base, and in the forest players will be waiting for the local version of Roshan.

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