The best indie games of 2023 for Android and IOS: Sparklite, Police Inc, Operation February

Hello mobile gamers! AppTime is with you and we are starting to sum up the results of the outgoing year. Each video will have one nomination, consisting of five games and honorable mentions, if any. One of the first collections is the top indie games. It is difficult to notice them, but it is they that bring the lamp and cozy feeling. Oftentimes, indie projects are created by small teams that navigate a large list of game mechanics, budget, and publisher’s deadline. Let’s see what is worthwhile in this genre. And if you have any more ideas, be sure to suggest your list in the comments. Also go to the special page and vote for your favorite candidates. Go!

Operation February

Let’s start with Operation February, a small adventure in the ATOM RPG universe. According to the plot, a nuclear war took place between the USSR and the USA, which led to the death of almost the entire population of the Earth. We must uncover the secrets of the past and stay alive. The gameplay in “Operation February” will appeal to fans of the first parts of Fallout, and the answer in the dialogues affects the fate of the hero.

We can choose three characters with their own skills and background. They will explore four locations in the Dead City and participate in turn-based battles. The maps are filled with new NPCs, formidable opponents and interesting stories. Well, where without alternative endings?

Police Inc

Next comes Police Inc, in which players act as the sheriff of a police station. Their task is to summon outfits to the crime scene. The number of cops sent depends on the complexity of the mission: a fight on the street, a bank robbery, or worse. I am glad that a chance of success is shown before leaving on a mission. But it also happens that pranksters make false calls, from this you waste time and do not get money. Gradually, we are improving the office, pumping employees and getting more money for tasks. The developers promise unique gameplay, many police missions and a great soundtrack. A great game for busy people.


Raising the stakes and evaluating Sparklite. This is a pixel roguelike where our goal is to explore locations, go down to dungeons, solve puzzles and upgrade gadgets. This is done on a planet that is constantly changing. A total of five biomes await players, and the card is not issued at the start. Gradually, we are equipping the base, receiving blueprints for new weapons and buffs for each run. You constantly have to choose which improvements to put this time. And a robot is also flying nearby, which helps in solving riddles. For example, he gets valuable resources from the ground. The mobile version of Sparklite has a redesigned interface, achievements, cloud saves, and controller support. Also, the publisher Playdigious offers on Android to go through the first biome for free before purchasing. Beauty!

TDZ 3 Dark Way

Soviet apartment, ghosts and the dead – this is how briefly you can describe the game TDZ 3 Dark Path. It features Russian voice acting, Stalker-style dialogues and first-person exploration. Players will fight anomalies, throw bolts at them and listen to conversations around the fire. If you love Easter eggs and a solid plot, then the project will come in. For example, in one corridor a well-known song by the “King and the Jester” group is playing. Well, where without mentioning the game itself Stalker? All this goes through in about an hour. So “Chiki-briki and in the queens”.

Black Border: Papers Game

Well, at the end of the main list, I left Black Border: Papers Game, which takes inspiration from the game “Papers Please”. Once again, we will have the role of a border guard inspector who continually encounters criminals, smugglers and people with fake passports. One day is given seven minutes, our salary depends on the number of people who passed through the checkpoint. From the Easter eggs, I will mention the character of Samuel Jackson from the movie “The Hateful Eight”. The developers promise many endings, and the players are hoping to add an endless mode. But even without this, the project shines.

Honorable Mentions

  • Overboard! – an excellent game where you have to convince the passengers of the ship of your innocence. Only you actually committed the crime
  • Tales of the Neon Sea is a superb cyberpunk adventure for Deus Ex fans
  • Unmaze is an unusual puzzle game using a light sensor on your phone. The life of two heroes depends on how much time you spend in light or darkness

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