Star Wars Eclipse and Hellblade II Revealed At The Game Awards 2023

Two games caught the attention of gamers at The Game Awards 2023 and both look amazing.

Star Wars Eclipse is a new adventure from Quantic Dreams, which brought the world such projects as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. This time, the developers took on the Star Wars universe, and the first trailer is striking in detail and graphics. The plot will develop during the Rise of the Republic. We are promised gameplay for different characters, and Yoda appears in the trailer. According to the official website, Star Wars Eclipse is in its early stages of development.

This news item states that Eclipse will have an original story with new characters. The game takes place in the Outer Rim, the last well-developed territory of the Galaxy.

Hellblade ii

Another trailer at The Game Awards 2023 is dedicated to the game Hellblade II. The graphics are also eye-catching, and the British studio Ninja Theory is engaged in development. In the video, Senua’s heroine encounters a monster who asks her for help. There is no release date, but the game will be released on the Xbox Series and PC.

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