Exciting moment with a dog in Watch Dogs 2: I Feel Guilty

A Watch Dogs 2 player was having a great time while playing a part of the game. He recounted the incident on the popular rd gaming group on Reddit.

The user u / its_muh_username says that he accidentally killed a pedestrian in the game after stepping on him with a vehicle. That character was walking his dog at that time. After the man died, the dog, visibly affected by the incident, sat down next to his lifeless body.

“I have never felt so guilty for killing an NPC (non-player character). It has a name and all that… ”, he wrote next to a screenshot with that moment.

The post went viral, and at the time of writing it had over 72,500 likes and over 3,300 comments.

Watch Dogs 2 even shows the victim’s annual salary: $ 51,500. This information has given rise to much discussion about income and the cost of living in some cities, such as San Francisco, where the virtual incident took place.

Ironically, the NPC killed in the game by u / its_muh_username was a person who made a living by helping people cross the streets safely.

Video games are becoming more realistic and often include impressive scenes. A Red Dead Redemption 2 player recorded a moment worthy of National Geographic Wild or BBC Earth in the game developed by Rockstar Games.

He caught the moment when a bear is harassed, in a frozen landscape, by three wolves, who seem to have stolen their prey, a deer.

Source: Reddit / r / gaming

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