Control Arrives to Vanguard in New Season One Update

The fan favorite game mode comes to Vanguard with the release of Season One.

Call of Duty has always been seen as a primarily casual game, however its competitive fanbase is large and dedicated. With the Call of Duty League rules seeing best of five matches played over three game modes, fans have been worried due to Vanguard not featuring a viable third game mode. Today, Control was announced to be coming with the release of Season One, meaning true competitive gameplay can begin.

Control Arrives with Season One

Control is a competitive gamemode which was released with Black Ops 4. Instantly loved by the community, Control sees Hardpoint and Search & Destroy combined to create a new fast paced, life based gamemode.

Matches are played as a best of five, meaning the first team to win three rounds wins. Attackers have to capture the two control zones, or eliminate all 30 lives of the Defenders. While the Defending team needs to keep the zones uncaptured for the duration of the round, or eliminate the opposing team.

This gamemode brings great competitive action and is loved by the community; so fans are happy to see it return on December 8 with Season One.

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