An early version of PAKO 3 appeared on Google Play

PAKO 3 is available on Google Play, currently in Early Access.

A week ago, publisher Tree Men Games released PAKO 3 on iOS. Then he promised that the Android version would appear later. The day has come – PAKO 3 has appeared, at least in Russian Google Play. While this is an early version, the game page states: “Welcome to the PAKO 3 MBT.”

Features of PAKO 3

  • Simple gameplay
  • Over 30 levels and cars
  • Bonus items at locations for buffs
  • Competitions with other players
  • Achievements

Gameplay in PAKO 3

In addition to maps with cops, players can take part in circuit races. A maximum of four stars can be obtained per level, for this you need to fulfill special conditions. In most cases, this means running away from the cops in fairly small locations. The difficulty is that over time the level of pursuit grows, and your car explodes from a couple of pokes. New cars are unlocked for gold, which we earn on missions.

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