Call of Juarez Gunslinger is free

The western FPS title is free until December 14 via Steam.

Call of Juarez is a series of shooters set in the Wild West developed by Techland Poles. It is a series that I love and out of the 4 titles in it, 3 are very good. I still fondly remember the first title in the series, which at the time of launch managed to impress with its advanced graphics engine. The second game improved the first on all important aspects, and the third drifted the series.

The fourth and most recent title, although Gunslinger did not return to the origins of the first title, managed to dispel the disappointment caused by The Cartel and offer a quality western with cartoonish-style graphics that have aged like wine: slow and stylish.

If you like shooters and westerns, I highly recommend it. You need a Steam account to download and play it.

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