Abyss Arena MBT has started and a promo code is available to testers

The Abyss Arena project entered the beta stage, but not in all countries. All downloads will be able to use the promo code for rewards.

Abyss Arena is an RPG game that resembles AFK Arena in gameplay and style. We talked about it in detail in the previous news. Now MBT has begun in many countries, with the exception of the Russian Federation and, possibly, the entire CIS. The developers announced the beginning of the beta test in their Facebook group. Apparently the MBT is limited to the Android platform.

The characters in the Abyss Arena fight automatically, we just need to squeeze the ult. After completing the mission, you can get a new hero, who, along with the rest, will extract resources even in offline mode. Heroes differ in level of rarity, they need to be pumped, this applies to stats and equipment. In terms of modes, Abyss Arena has challenges and boss fights. Materials and armor for characters can be obtained through events, that is, tasks.

Promo code for Abyss Arena

  • aa888 – 10 summon scrolls and 100 diamonds

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