Touchgrind Scooter has been ported to Android and things are not so smooth

The publisher Illusion Labs has released Touchgrind Scooter on Android. The game received many positive reviews.

Touchgrind Scooter is a sports simulator where players use two fingers to control a scooter. Vehicles can be customized and knocked out of loot boxes. The developers promise realistic 3D graphics and powerful sound effects. There are three game modes: hard, freestyle and duel. In essence, we are opening new locations and trying to get more points for tricks. Also, for successes, players complete tasks and receive trophies, and they are tied to each location.

At the time of writing, Touchgrind Scooter has received 4.2 stars on Google Play. The top comment says about the FPS drawdown, as well as the need to connect to Wi-Fi to open loot boxes. It is clear that the version for iOS came out much better – the App Store is rated 4.7 stars out of almost 4,000 reviews. As for the donation, the maximum price tag is 1 999 rubles

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