DICE’s head of design leaves the company after the release of Battlefield 2042. The company is rumored to be reshuffled

According to the Video Games Chronicle, Head of Design DICE Fawzi Mesmar (Fawzi Mesmar) in charge of the series Battlefield and Star wars battlefront, leaves the company after graduation Battlefield 2042

His departure was announced this week in an email to employees:

It has been a great pleasure to work with some of the best design teams in the galaxy. The incredible design work you do continues to inspire me every day. Thank you for believing in me, I hope I did not disappoint.

Another company made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and was kind enough to wait until we released Battlefield 2042… It was very important for me to be close to the team when we reach this historic milestone.

Besides, Mesmar discussed the transfer of his position with the general manager DICE Oscar Gabrielson (Oskar Gabrielson) before release Battlefield 2042… Therefore, the departure of the developer may not be related to the unsuccessful start of the game and will not affect its further support.

Last working day Mesmara v DICE – November 26. He will continue to work in Stockholm.

Mesmar, formerly director of the studio King, led the design team DICE in 2019. It has over 80 employees, including creative directors and game designers who have had a hand in Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield v and Battlefield 2042

Here’s what correlates with a bad start. Battlefield 2042 most likely, these are the upcoming large-scale rearrangements in DICE… This information came from an insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) who wrote the news of leaving Mesmara

According to Henderson, company hires many additional employees – so many that it would be enough for a new studio, although they do not plan to open one. At the same time, a wave of layoffs is expected.

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