Rakshasa Street Offers Free SSR Hero

The Rakshasa Street project has entered the closed beta stage. If you love not only playing but also watching anime, it is worth downloading and giving it a try.

Rakshasa Street is an anime-themed RPG. The battles take place in turn-based mode, in front of them we collect a squad of rare heroes, the characters and background of which are revealed through cinematics. According to the plot, there is a certain street of Rahasa, where living beings and spirits live. Only people with supernormal abilities can get there, they can control ghosts and call them to their side. Our task is to help the innocent and protect the world from evil spirits.

In Rakshasa Street, it is convenient that the battles are divided into turns and we can pre-select which abilities the heroes will use. Thus, the first battles are fought before the enemy could strike. For missions, you can get a maximum of three stars, for this you must fulfill the conditions.

Interestingly, in addition to simply “plugging” enemies, Rakshasa Street offers a system of gems that are mined during the battle and spent on the ultimate. The fact is that the enemy also randomly receives these gems, so the boss battles become intense. In addition, the developers promise real-time PvP.

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