Breakwaters, an action-adventure game with an endless ocean and powerful creatures, is out in early access,

Soaring Pixels Games today released Breakwaters into Early Access, which players can play both single-player and online with friends. The developers plan to release a full-fledged game no earlier than May 2023.

Breakwaters features an open world with procedurally generated islands and unique biomes, as well as day / night cycles and dynamic weather. With the help of powerful crystals, players will be able to displace water and find treasures of an ancient civilization, which will be invaluable in the construction of buildings or walls to contain the ocean and waves. However, it is not only the water element that needs to be avoided in this game: special attention should be paid to the huge, island-sized Titans and mighty land Golems, which the player will definitely face, and he will have to fight with them in order to survive.

Breakwaters is available exclusively on PC. In the future, the developers plan to fill their game with new items, missions, the main story, biomes, vehicles, monsters, Titans and other things.

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