Trial launch of NERF: Battle Arena took place

The action game NERF: Battle Arena has appeared on smartphones in some countries. Can you survive in the arena?

NERF: Battle Arena is a first-person shooter that is available on iOS and Android in Canada and probably several other countries. Players must participate in 3v3 arena matches. The game’s setting resembles Nintendo’s Splatoon. As you progress, you collect blasters that are knocked out of loot boxes. Gradually, the developers are updating the game, adding new modes, cards and weapons.

Game modes in NERF: Battle Arena

  • NERF Battle (3 on 3) – collecting 100 points, for killing one player they give 10 points
  • Token rush (3 by 3) – we get 10 tokens and try to keep them, just watch out for the giant ball from the pinball
  • Siege (3 on 3) – we destroy the enemy base in the setting of the Wild West
  • Solo (1 against 9) – we fight against nine opponents in huge arenas. You have to collect improvements, hide and deliver a decisive blow

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