The second season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will be released on January 6th. There is a trailer, With the premiere of Arcane, the battle between Dota 2 and LoL unfolded on Netflix

This Sunday, December 12 at 18:00 Moscow time, one of the most anticipated events in the world of tanks will begin – “Stream of the Year”. The event will be hosted by popular tank bloggers Amway921 and El_Comentante and charming Karina, and among the stream participants will be World of Tanks developers who will tell you the details of the New Year’s game event.

Stream of the Year is not only about talking about the game, but also a bright show, as well as contests for participants and cool surprises. Therefore, along with the details about the festive game event “New Year’s Offensive – 2023”, the protagonist of which will be Arnold Schwarzenegger, the audience will be able to witness a spectacular tank battle. During the stream, the “Steel Hunter” tournament with Yandex Plus will take place, in which ten platoons of three players each will fight among themselves. All participants are popular bloggers and famous World of Tanks players. The fight promises to be serious, but the awards are also worth fighting for – the prize fund of the tournament is 1,590,000 Russian rubles.

In addition, during the stream, the participants will meet with Andrei Klimka, the author of the sensational composition from the game event “The Return of Waffentrager”.

And finally, for those who want not only to “see others”, but also to “show themselves”, there will be an excellent opportunity to take part in the individual competition with “Igraviy” from Rostelecom, where valuable prizes will be drawn, including video cards, gaming peripherals and much more. The main thing is to have time to register on December 12 before 23:59 Moscow time.

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