Formidebl, Zeppelin, Baltimore and other Azur Lane heroines will receive gorgeous figures from ALTER,

The MegaHobby EXPO 2023 Online festival is being held today, with various figurine manufacturers presenting their new creations. ALTER studio did not bypass this event and showed several Azur Lane figurines at once, the license for which was recently acquired by the company. Therefore, below you can take a look at the prototypes of Formidebl (21 656 rubles for pre-order), Graf Zeppelin, Baltimore, Honolulu, Azuma, Taiho, Paula, Perseus and a pair of figures of the Atago and Takao sisters. Unfortunately, not all of them were painted, while the last two, even without the normal pictures.

Date of receipt of the figures shown, as well as their prices are not announced. Those whose prototypes are fully prepared, probably will not take long and it is hoped to start pre-orders in January and February.

Azur Lane immediately available on mobile devices running iOS and Android.

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