[TGA 2023] Alan Wake sequel due in 2023, New Adventures of writer Alan Wake just around the corner

Google announced the Google Play Games app at The Game Awards, which will allow Android apps to run on Windows 10 and 11 next year.

First of all, we are talking about games, and it will be possible to switch between smartphones, tablets and PCs running different operating systems on the fly while saving progress. The company also briefed The Verge editor Tom Warren about the new product. At the same time, Google did not disclose technical details, but this is definitely not about the cloud.

The IT giant has developed and will distribute Google Play Games on its own, without contacts with Microsoft (in Windows 11, with the support of Amazon, similar functionality will also appear), BlueStacks (the emulator now allows you to run games directly in the browser) or other players.

Although it was the first time the app was officially announced, Google’s plans were revealed earlier this year in a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

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