Far Cry 6 introduces Vaas and Chicken Brothers

Far Cry 6 has released a DLC today, allowing you to play as Vaas, the famous antagonist of the third installment of the series. It makes it possible to plunge into the depths of the mind of a mad pirate, reveal in more detail his past and again walk through some familiar locations. The gameplay combines elements of a rogue-like game with mechanics familiar to a shooter. At first, the main character will have only a pistol and a small supply of ammunition in his hands, but as he passes and passes, the arsenal will expand. Vaas will die and go through quests again and again in the hope that the result will change.

In addition, along with the DLC, the game has added customization kits inspired by the TV series. “Breaking Bad”… You can dress up in the canon outfit of Heisenberg or in the uniform of an employee of the “Chicken Brothers”.

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