Crabs and crayfish take up arms in Crab Fight Infinity

The mobile game Crab Fight Infinity is out on Android. In it you have to fly on the fishing line and destroy enemies with the help of laser cannons.

Crab Fight Infinity is an action game for smartphones in which an orgy is happening. The fact is that we play as a crab that reflects the waves of its fellows. To win, you need to claw different types of weapons: shotguns, pistols, rifles, and even cannons from the future. Aiming is automatic, and everything else must be done by yourself, up to swinging on the web, like Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, there are no online elements in Crab Fight Infinity. Instead, you need to complete missions, get achievements and complete levels. To give us more gold, we will have to complete side missions: shoot a certain number of times, fly on the web and use different guns. For coins, you can buy new weapons or improve existing ones. After passing the level, a small advertisement is shown, it can be turned off for 429 rubles.

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