Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Is The Best-Selling Sherlock Game Of Ever, A New Trailer Also Released

Less than three weeks ago, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One premiered and Frogwares decided to share the success of their creation.

It has been officially announced that Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the best-selling game of this famous fictional detective released to date. The developers have also released a new trailer with critical ratings.

His legend starts with you! The legacy of the great detective Sherlock Holmes will be remembered for the decisions you make in the open world of this crime adventure game. Cunning, pressure, and mental acuity are just some of the crime-fighting methods in your arsenal, and you can always count on your faithful companion John.

Whether you use brute force to solve a crime or cunning, staying one step ahead of your enemies and discovering their weaknesses, while improving your investigation skills, it is only you who decide which path will lead you to unraveling the mystery.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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