More than a million players have pre-registered for the “battle royale” of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Along with the release of The New War add-on for the multiplayer shooter Warframe, Caliban will be added to the game – the first hybrid of Sentient technologies and a frame. Digital Extremes offered to take a closer look at his abilities and demonstrated several videos.

Caliban was specially engineered by the Sentient leader, Erra, to harness the adaptive abilities of his kin. The result is a warframe built for survival and packed with amazing offensive capabilities.

Vortex of death – Become a spinning whirlwind of death. Hold the fire button to speed up the cycle, increasing damage, and then aim at an enemy to dash towards them. Hitting enemies under the influence of Mind’s Fury causes a devastating explosion.

Fury of reason – Hit the ground, sending out a devastating wave. Those who did not die from the first explosion hover helplessly in the air, where they continue to receive damage for a short period of time.

Deadly fiends – Summon the Aspect of Caliban from the Sentients to create up to three allies, the Conculists, who will fight by his side and restore shields when not in combat.

Convergent Impact – Channel three streams of pure energy into one point, causing a powerful jet explosion. The decay products of the explosion destroy the armor of all enemies that touch them.

Adaptive Armor (Passive) – Allies within the zone of general synthesis gain resistance to the types of damage taken at the moment.

Players will receive the blueprint for creating Caliban after the completion of the add-on story campaign, and the remaining components will have to be earned on missions.

The release of “New War” will take place on Wednesday, December 15th.

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