Beta version of LOST in Blue allows you to test new features before others

A test version of LOST in Blue has appeared on Google Play. Can you survive on a desert island?

LOST in Blue is a first person survival game that is available on smartphones. According to the plot, our plane crashes and we miraculously survive. The subsequent story is revealed through textual dialogues. Then the gameplay begins, it is isometric, like the projects of the Kefir studio. As you progress, you need to replenish food and weapons, with which we fight off zombies.

Locations in LOST in Blue are large, but corridor. Physics of bodies pleases, because of which zombies not only die realistically, but also lose limbs. Perhaps it depends on the type of weapon, for example, a chainsaw. Over time, the player has his own dwelling with a bed, a workbench and a chest for storing things. The main thing is to pump the general level of the hero’s strength and dodge the targeted attacks of the dead. You also need to monitor the level of hunger and thirst. As for online features, in the first 15 minutes there is no interaction with other players, even in the form of guilds.

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